and production process.

PAGED-produced plywood is a fully
natural product.


Plywood manufactured by PAGED

We use birch, alder, beech and pine wood to make plywood.

Plywood is a wood derivative produced by bonding together a certain number of thin (e.g. 1.5 mm) sheets of wood (the so-called veneers). Each consecutive ply is laid while "rotating" the thin veneer sheets by 90° in relation to the previous ply. Such a set is pressed in a press at a high temperature and this is when plywood acquires its cross-grained structure which provides its essential and excellent performance properties. Plywood made for special purposes may be designed parallel-grained or parallel-grained with a few transverse plies.

A plywood sheet is usually composed of several kinds of wood, e.g. pine/alder, birch/pine, birch/alder or birch/pine. The "homogeneous" plywood products contain 100% birch, alder or pine. The kind of wood used for the external plies of which a specific board is composed determines whether it is a softwood or hardwood plywood product. The internal plies can be made of wood of the same type or other types than the external plies.

Plywood applications

Construction industry

For the construction of partition walls, ceilings and doors, for roof coverings, wall, floor and ceiling linings, as a structural or in-fill material, for formwork and concrete cast moulds, in the industrial construction industry for shop floors and platforms, scaffolding platforms, façades and interior finishing.

Furniture making industry

For the production of household, office, school and other types of furniture.

Automotive and transport industry

For the production of body parts, for wall linings, floors, structural components of seats, for car interior finishing etc.

Packaging industry

Cases, boxes, load security elements, production of cutting dies for automated production of cardboard packages.

Shipbuilding and boatbuilding industry

Equipment of ship interiors, walls and floors of ship holds, for the construction of hulls and the finishing of yacht and boat interiors.


For the production of piano and grand piano cases, loudspeaker boxes, in aviation for lift-generating parts and various kinds of interior equipment for airplanes and gliders, for model-making and for the production of a wide range of wooden consumer goods, for playground equipment, for the production of advertising, information and other types of boards.

Production process

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